I made it to 10!  One third of the way there!

I also had a moment of extreme horror when my Surface keyboard glitched and caused one of my layers in Clip Studio to be deleted, a layer which had both deep shading and highlights on it.  I frantically tried to recover it and found my history FULL OF CLEAR COMMANDS.  My keyboard is having a problem where it stops typing or it repeats the same letter a hundred times… it cleared the layer more times than my history allowed.

I remembered that Clip Studio auto backups in intervals and managed to find the last save that had that layer in it. 😀

So here is the dragon for the blue dragon prompt!  I spent a little more time on this one than the others, because I’m not used to coloring like this.  I still haven’t figured out how to do the greyscale coloring method. 😀  I tried, but for some reason it just doesn’t compute for me, even though it looks so easy.  IT’s just not clicking.

  • Tiff