Vash, my corgi, loves his sweaters.  He only has two, because he’s 11 years old and I didn’t find out he actually LIKES clothes until he was 10, last year.  We bought him a cheap red sweater from Walmart for $5.  My husband just wanted to see if he could get the humiliated dog look out of him, but it turned out, he REALLY ENJOYS sweaters.  He wears the large size, the size meant for German Shepherds (Smaller ones.  They have XL and Large and sometimes they say German Shepherd on them.). 😀  To think he’s a smallish Pembroke Welsh Corgi and at a good weight, but still wears a large.

He actually shoves his head into the sweater when I bring it out… and it’s almost time for them, but he needs a good bath first.

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