If you are not in the US, you can search your local amazon for them. I chose to use Createspace primarily because my overseas readers get the best break on shipping and with Amazon, you can also get free shipping if you order all of them!

Did you come here looking for a book I don’t have out yet?  If so, scroll to the bottom of the page and be heard.

The Cyantian Chronicles Collections – Amazon

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     Cyantian Chronicles Volume 1                       Cyantian Chronicles         Volume 2                            Cyantian Chronicles    Volume 3       

          Createspace/Amazon                                                  Createspace /Amazon                                                 Createspace/Amazon 



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   Cesilee’s Diary Original Edition                       Campus Safari Original Edition V1                        Campus Safari Original Edition V2       

          Createspace/Amazon                                               Createspace/Amazon                                              Createspace/Amazon 


If you are looking for MORE books, such as the full run of Akaelae in comic book form, you can pick it up at Indyplanet!  However, I strongly advise against picking up the graphic novel editions.  One of the reasons I stopped printing via Ka-blam is that every graphic novel book I received had the laminate peel off of it. :/  I don’t know if they still do, but it was enough that I just stopped making books entirely for a time because floppy books are very hard to store and I’m mostly done making them, and the peeeeeeeling really bugged me.  New editions of Akaelae are in the works with 98 pages of content.  They’ll actually cost less to make and to sell when I do the Kickstarter by a couple of dollars.  I just want to get one completed and see how the color looks before it even begins and that’s a lot of work, especially since I am relettering a bunch of the earlier pages.

I currently have 20 books near completion, which means I have 20 choices of what to do next and it’s difficult for me to choose.  Normally, I start with A.  A is for Abby’s Agency, Alien Dice, and Akaelae, however, I’ve set this poll up to gauge what my readers are looking foward to!  – Tiff

My poll is apparently broken… just leave a comment. 🙁