The wishlist, because I was encouraged to have one!

Christmas 2016 (Ignore this, I didn’t even update this until September of 2016 and the list and text was from 2015.  I’m likely to forget to come back around to it by Christmas. 😀 Christmas is going to be tight.)

  1. My daughter’s medical bill account – It needs to be refilled.  That one is simply paypal to shivae dot syke atatat gmail dot com  – Anything helps!  I’m not doing a gofundme or other thing this year, because they take out a chunk on TOP of paypal fees.
  2. Really, that is the most important, but also, support via Patreon or Swaggerdile is also important, even if it’s only for a few months!
  3.   Non Necessary mostly Kim list and a household list.
  4. I’m duplicating #1 here. 😀


(1) Peace of Mind. Gifts are nice and all, but it’s most important that I know my family and myself are taken care of with groceries and gas. Visa and Mastercard both offer general cards and the stores I shop at most are: Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, Kroger, Target and Walmart – in that order. Secondary things, mostly work things: Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s.

(2)  Jerry’s Artarama – my favorite art supply site. Use my email address: tiff dot ross at verizon . net and access code: 7245199

(3) My Work Wishlist on Amazon and my Work list on Dickblick. If it breaks, you may have to search using my name: Tiffany Ross – city – Flower Mound and state – Texas

(4) My Personal Wish list on Amazon. That list contains mainly normal family stuff/stuff for Kim/fun stuff.

(5) My daughter’s doctor bills taken care of. Heart surgery’s expensive .. so is followups twice a year. Right now, sitting on around $6K in medical debt. It’s not that horrible.

Mailing Address: Contact me at the email below.

Email to use if needed: tiff dot ross at verizon . net

Please let me know if any of these links die. 😀