Vincent Volume 1 Prep Work and other Books

98 pages formatted for print.  I have to split these two page spreads into one page, then save them all, THEN compile the book and see what needs to be added.  This is the first six chapters of Vincent and Filaire!

I’ve also prepped Shivae! Vas Volume 3 – which will need an extra story done for it. 

I also went looking for my Alien Dice book files and found the one I had been working on is missing, ugh.. but it won’t be too rough to remake it.

Other books I touched today: Campus Safari, Genoworks Saga, Akaelae V3, and Cyantian Chronicles #5.  I need to print books, however, I don’t think I’m going to do a lot of Kickstarters for them.  I may reserve that primarily for the color volumes, because through me, they’re cheaper, it’s a hassle, but Amazon forces me to raise the prices astronomically through the store and even more if they are in the overseas stores. 🙁

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