Campus Safari Chapter 15

So when I feel good about being able to get work done – I get work done.

Tomorrow I will be working on Genoworks Saga and Alien Dice.  

Normally, I have multiple sets of buffers – scripting, layouts, lettering, inking, flatted, completed.  Bad stuff tore through all of my buffers so that I’m at the bottom.  I’m almost out of scripts for some comics and ran through a period of really awful writer’s block where I couldn’t muster up anything for months at a time so that I forced myself to do it and I feel like that made things rockier when I went to pencils and lettering.

Recently, I’ve found things recovering, specifically in the scripting department.  Unfortunately, scripting doesn’t get inking done.  Normally, I could just not ink for a week if I didn’t want to and script until I ran out of fuel.  I don’t have that luxury right now.  I have to rebuild my buffers, one by one, starting with scripting and it’s going good now, especially with this little story segment I have cooked up!  

So on to work tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have more finished pages!

– Tiff

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