Whoops, ok after 5 years, I should update this!

October 8th, 2017

Work goes on and on and on! Shivae Studios is one person… me. That hasn’t changed.

I do all of the writing and have done the majority of the artwork in the last decade. Other artists have come in and volunteered to work on coloring and in some cases, actually drawing a comic they loved that I didn’t have time to work on. Right now, I’m working on five comics with hopes to have time to add to them. I’m also doing a lot of commission work, which is why I don’t have time for more comics. Old comics still listed ARE still being worked on. They’re being scripted. They have pages penciled and inked. Some even have pages colored, but are not updating because I do not want to update only to have to stop again.

Kim is doing awesomely well. She’s in eighth grade this year and from a prior segment, this is about Kim:

For those of you who were not around when Kim was born, Kimberly Arwen Ross is my daughter.   She was born with several severe birth defects due to an illness I had early in my pregnancy. She had a cleft pallet (In the soft pallet fortunately), her esophogus didn’t connect to her stomach and she has HLHS, which involves three heart surgeries to repair. Her first surgery was to repair the esophogus issue at 3 days old. Her second was the first of the three heart surgeries at 10 days old. HLHS is a condition in which the heart is not formed correctly and lacks a lower left ventricle. Kim was special in that she HAD the lower left ventricle, it was just not fully formed. Since then, she has successfully had her last two heart surgeries, the last one going a different way than normal HLHS patients, called the Restalli, which gave her a fully functioning four chambered heart. We were at Children’s Hospital of Dallas for all of this and spent 4 months in that last time and she ALMOST had a heart transplant. While she’s scarred and spent a good deal of her first years of life eating through a tube in her stomach (I’ve got a kid with a cast iron stomach who cannot throw up! I’ve never been spit up on either. She had a procedure called a nissin done which tightened the top of her stomach so that she wouldn’t aspirate.) she’s acting pretty normally.

Her last procedure was done a couple of years ago to replace her aortic valve.  This one wasn’t open heart!  They push the valve through a vein until they get it into place, then it just folds out and pushes the old valve out of the way!  Much nicer than open heart surgery.  Someday, she will have another open heart surgery, but that should be a bit into the future.

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