Donation Note: If you came here looking for my mailing address to mail a donation, consider sending a gift card instead! It makes it much easier for us to handle and half of my earnings go to groceries. The rest tends to go to site fees, maintenance and supplies. This is a handy site. Gift Card Mall. And here is where I go shopping in order of how often: Aldi (gift certs, in store only), Albertson’s (In store only), Tom Thumb (They’re Safeway and in the mall), Kroger, and Sprouts. That’s my weekly list to get the best deals. Market Street is last, because it’s a high end grocery, but they do have occasional good deals. Target and Walmart round out my list for groceries and then also JC Penney and Kohls. Last would be where I get supplies! Jerry’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnns. A LOT of them offer free shipping or even Email certs! You can also pick them up in just about any store. 🙂

Mailing address:  (Note)
If you are sending a gift for Kimberly Ross, please make it out to her, not me!  It’ll be going into her account to keep things easier. If you are in another country, cash is best or a check/money order drawn out of a US bank – otherwise there are HUMONGOUS fees!

Tiffany Ross

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If you want to email me, you can do so to shivae dotdotremove1dot studios at shivae dot net.  I had to remove the form because the spammers got to it.