2013 Schedule

I attend Furry Fiesta every year! It’s in February and the 2013 one is over. I will always attend this convention as long as I have money to grab the table in July and nobody beats me to it!! 😀

April 29-31st – Brony Fest – Lewisville – First year convention that’s local. I will likely only be doing this one THIS year, not next year. I was unaware it was occurring on Easter weekend. I would cancel if I could, but then I’d lose the table/registration fees. I’ll review it once it’s over.

May 17 – 19 – Dallas Comic Con – This will be my FIRST Comic Con and hopefully it’ll be good. I’ll be on the third floor Artist Area with books and buttons, doing custom buttons and art cards.

November 8-10 – Nightmare Nights – Addison – My Little Pony convention that I am REALLY looking forward to! It’s done by the same group that does an excellent job on Furry Fiesta every year! I’d have to say they are the best group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, so I have high hopes that this will be a great convention for my daughter to also attend with us! I can not express how excited I am about this!

I am considering doing A-kon or Anthrocon in 2014.  It depends on several things.  When Kim’s Heart Camp is.  If there is a family gathering that summer.

If you would like me to appear at a convention, ask them to invite me. I can’t afford to go to most conventions because of just how far away they are. I have a reliable car, but I’m not going to go anywhere that’s more than a day’s drive of Dallas. I may consider some of the Austin conventions next summer.

– Tiff