Ok, this is the OFFICIAL start of it now that the accounts CAN be created and actually email me and YOU with verification.   (There are likely a few people who have paid for accounts, but they never worked right, please contact me and I’ll set you up for a month, I believe everyone who did that was up for a month.)

Ad free viewing strips out all external advertising over all of the sites you have an account registered on.  You do need to register the account first (or have me do it if it’s disabled, because I’m getting spammed by spam registrations).  Ad free viewing is available at the following rates, which includes all Shivae Studios sites – Shivae.Net, Cyantian.net, aliendice.com and abbysagency.us.  At some point, most likely after the sites are fully aesthetically done, more content will be added and the price will go up a few dollars.  Right now, this just strips out the ads.

  • 1 month – $7
  • 3 months – $18
  • 6 months – $30
  • 1 year – $50

– Process to follow –

  1. Send paypal with what you are wanting, noting the name you want to register with and the email you want to use.  Your password will be sent to that email.
  2. OR Email me with that information and send cash, money order, gift card or whatnot here:
  1. I WILL send you an email back confirming that it has been turned on and the end date.
  • That’s it!

While I do make the majority of my revenue from advertising, this benefits me slightly more … because advertising doesn’t even pay a penny a pageview on average.  If it did… wow… that’d be awesome. 😀  I’d have one ad total. 😀  I’d love that.  Less of a headache for me, because I have to sit on top of the ads and chase down problems and that’s time consuming.

– Tiff