Commission Status: I am not open for commissions until my list is completed.  It’s almost done! (3/16/2015)

I LOVE commissioners who like to give an artist freedom and don’t nitpick things to death. I do not play well with micromanagers – still, I DO want to give what you want and a detailed description is awesome! Just don’t gripe at me if I don’t add a scar over the eye or black tips on the ears if it wasn’t in the description. I try VERY hard not to miss details when someone has lovingly taken the time to write them out and am not a difficult person to deal with (but I’m not a rug either. I will bite err, say no if someone tries to exasperate me.)

My Work List is here, please bookmark it and check it if you have a commission.

Most of you won’t bother reading past here anyway, so just send me a note with what you want and how much you’d like to pay and I’ll accept it or send an email back with a different quote depending on the complexity.  Prices start at $50 for two hours of work and I do work fast.   Size of art will be 9 x 12, 300 DPI. If you’re looking for other kinds of art like art cards, badges, icons, etc, look below.

If you have particularly simple subjects/chibis/flat colors, I can do two for that $30.

– Tiff
This is my contact page to discuss commissions or you can note me on Furaffinity!
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Check my Twitter Feed to see if I’m streaming.

Special note for International Shipping: I use USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping envelopes.  They cost $21-$25 to ship, depending on where you go..  I am going to begin keeping envelopes for International commissioners, since I already figure shipping into each item that must be shipped, it can just sit and add up until it reaches the amount to cover shipping.  For example, I figure $3 for shipping most things, so for each item, I put a $3 credit on my file.  After 8 or more items, it’s ready to ship and while you have to wait, this saves on shipping (and me having to go fill out the extra forms)!

*Commission prices are for artwork that is likely to be reprinted as prints/collections/buttons.  I do not own your character, just the print.  If you don’t want me to print them, the price is double.

2.5 x 3.5 Art Cards done on a nice canvas board – $25 – Includes shipping in the US/International. Choose from Copic, Watercolor or Shimmering Watercolors as the medium. Simple subjects, feral, chibi, ponies, mlp, etc. or more complex pieces, anthros, full body or waist up, humans, etc, lots of details not recommended for full body shots due to small size. I can do spreads across 2-3 at $20 per extra panel, based on the prior pricing. So two cards – $45. (I can do cheaper cards, just not on the nice boards.)

6 x 9 canvas board – same options as above, copics, watercolor or shimmering watercolors, or a combination. Starts at $50, includes shipping in the US – please contact me with what you want done. If it’s something fairly simple, I may do it for a little less.

Badges Badges average $30 and include shipping. They run 4 x 5 on average for hips up, or full bodies that are simple. They are typically done with copic markers and watercolor, but I can use other materials or digital so that you also have a printable piece of art. Adjusting a $30 commission into a badge will add $10 to cover laminating, shipping, etc.

Buttons, Mirror Buttons, Round Keychains
I have a round 2 and a quarter mirror that has a design on one side and a mirror on the other. They come in a little organza bag and cost $10 using existing art, plus $3 for shipping in the US. Customs start at $20 for digital, $30 for hand drawn/colored.

Jewelry I do glass pendants and wood pendants on commission and using pre-existing art form $15-$20, includes shipping.

All prices below here are for 8 x 10, 300 DPI pieces. If you would like larger sizes for your personal printing, we can discuss it. Doubling the size doubles the price. ALL pieces are for waist up pieces. For full bodies, we can discuss it. If you have a ton of specific markings – we need to discuss that. Prices are subject to future changes. (And there are discounts for ordering three or more pieces at once.)

$30 – BW, single figure + one prop
$45 – Flat colors under sketch layer.
$15 – Color Icon – 4 x 4 – 300 DPI.
$30 – SIMPLE full body chibis/shoulders/waist up + one prop
$45 – Color, Cell shade single figure waist up + one prop
$50 – Color, Usual style, single figure waist up/or full body + one prop, simple background
$60 – Color – More extravagant work to remove lines, single figure + one prop-what you want
Add $10 if wanting to turn any of the listed above into a badge. Includes lamination and shipping in the US.
Add 50% of base cost for additional characters. So a $30 piece would cost $45 with two characters. I’ll get a graphic price list up at some point!

I’m open to drawing a variety of subjects, but am not really interested in mature artwork. The more interested I am in something, the faster I work. Please contact me beforehand with references and questions.  One more warning, if you forget to put something important in your description, I’m not responsible for including it! 😀  I do try very hard to keep to what the descriptions say, but I cannot draw what is not there and it doesn’t bother me, btw, if you send me emails or comments making sure that I don’t miss some really important detail that others have messed up on.

Revised. Policy on copyrighted characters: I’m fine with being paid for the work I do to create something for you based on someone else’s ideas. If it is inspired by a world of characters and yours is just a part of that world, I’m fine with it. I will NOT draw an artist’s characters who I see easily approachable without that person’s permission to draw them (That goes for just about any comic/artist around.) The change is: I’m ok with fanart, including pokemon and ponies.