I was able to see Hotel Transylvania over the weekend with my husband and daughter.  First movie Kim has sat ENTIRELY through without getting up or being wiggly at all.  About time.  She’s 9. 😀

We all really enjoyed the movie.  As fans of Adam Sandler we went in hoping for something humorous, but knowing how horrible some of his recent movies have been as well as how bad 8 Crazy Nights was, wasn’t fully sure what we were actually going to see.  (8 Crazy Nights wasn’t really that bad, it was just kind of … odd.)

Overall, it was really a cute and touching family type movie with cute bats.  Finally, bats are CUTE.  There were a few things in it that broke the usual Dad hating boy who is attracted to daughter routine.   Loved the werewolves.   It’s one we will definitely pick up on blu when it comes out.

– Tiff