IMDB: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

I don’t really post reviews, I just post things about what I liked and what I liked about it.  Too many reviews give away too much about the story.  This one I found on Netflix this morning and watched while inking a page of Black Rose.  The CGI is just above typical SyFy offering.  Pretty good actually.  There are parts that they should’ve used their costume model over the CGI one and they’re sadly very obvious.

As for the story, it was NOT what I expected at all.  Overall, I enjoyed it, because it has a werewolf theme I’m seeing more often that I personally like, that of a ‘good’ wolf.  The costumes were good.  Lots of action and blood, with some rather fake heads being blown off.  I’m not a fan of gore, so you’ll rarely see it in my illustrations unless someone challenges me to do it.  The acting was good, as in, I didn’t feel like I was watching a bunch of people in their first movie and it was simply enjoyable.

They tossed in quite a few twists and turns that makes this worth watching on Netflix.

Little bias from me, anything with a werewolf in it gets a +100% in how much I will like it.  Except one series… where even werewolves can’t get me to sit through it…

– Tiff