I’ve registered a domain name just for Black Rose, because I seriously want to move it into my top tier of work projects and I uh… already have 3 over 50K novels written in it and 2 novels nearly completion, one at 60k+, the other is likely going to be 80k. I also have plot points for six other novels, The House on the Corner being the one that is going to be ‘official’. The content in Blackwood is not really going to be canon where the characters are concerned, but the information in them is canon to the world and there is a LOT that won’t happen in Blackwood Chronicles. 😀 (Two separate series: Blackwood (2 Volumes) & Blackwood Chronicles (? At least 12, following a story set over a month’s time period, but some may cover more than one month) along with side stories, like the NaNoWriMo fic.)

I intend to go back, fix the initial pages and reupload them onto the new site as full page updates, along with a text accompaniment that will be added later. I discovered a TON of errors I really want to fix that should not have happened, along with a few context things that I will be correcting to fit the world as it has fleshed itself out in the last six months.

I have ALWAYS loved this universe more than any of the others, but it was always secondary, because it wasn’t as popular or as easy to do. I will be throwing myself into it equally to my other comics and am making changes to those as well.

The big issue, as I’m sure you are aware if you followed my Inktober/novel of The House on the Corner is that I could not get the content to go into its own story line and it’s mixed up with Black Rose updates, so I can’t update them simultaneously.

My plan is still to begin uploading Blackwood when I also begin updating the comic again, but I will update the comic first. The first page is sitting here waiting to be colored and I should get to it this week. Until I get the new layout finalized on the new site (all to itself) I am halfway through editing Blackwood. It takes a couple of hours a day to edit one chapter and rewrite them. When I’m done with it, the full text version will be available to purchase via Amazon KDP as a $3 kindle file or a physical book.

The illustrated version will begin going up when I move sites, then those will be printed in a separate volume. This is an experiment on my part.

– Tiff