Apologies for that interruption, but we are now on a new server and have a nice new, but temporary, website layout.  I really like this layout. 😀  This is also the last page in this chapter.  The next pages are ready for coloring so there shouldn’t be any delays until right before school starts for my daughter.  Things get hectic and she has doctor’s appointments… and likely .. shots. 😀

I’m probably going to take down the original comics in a few months and/or just move them to a different area of the archives .. once I set up the archives and the dropdown works.  The difference is so noticeable now and just how far it deviated from the original script.  It’s also deviated even further, since every bit of the upcoming chapters was written recently, whereas the bulk of the story was written years and years ago!

I just felt that I wanted to spend more time with the world setting before getting to the main part of the story itself.

– Tiff