I feel bad for how Davon is being treated at the moment, but he really doesn’t KNOW what kind of life he’s getting into.


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but the Black Rose universe is my primary creation love.  Yes, I love my Cyantians and I love Alien Dice and Shivae!, but THIS is where my heart is when it comes to creating stories.

And it gets neglected the most.

I love this universe so much, I wrote a novel in three weeks set in it.

I have two completed scripted out stories set in this universe. 🙁

I’m still going to slug along until I find msyelf – humans are HARD to get right and you are about to see a massive shift in how the comics look because I figured out some things recently.  The current inks were done over really old pencils.  I have a feeling when I get to the new pages I haven’t drawn yet it’s going to improve dramatically and move faster.  I have hundreds of pages of scripts written for Black Rose, that’s how much I love it.

I will begin updating Blackwood here soon.  It will be a mix of text and images and more of an easier to update illustrated black and white novel.  This story began as a fanfiction exercise, because I had a sudden burst of inspiration that was going everywhere and I needed to channel it into actual WORK.  So I am currently editing, working on the title art, some logos and the first page layouts to make sure it’s easy to read online.  I’m not sure if I’ll be uploading a single page or double page spread at a time at this point.

Blackwood will include a LOT of information that pertains to Black Rose, mostly about Lyceans and Hunters.  It expands the world in a way that would take years to cover in the comic.  It even includes a character that has already been mentioned in passing in the comic but I’ve never actually scripted an encounter with, because she’s in America and I’m pretty sure Black Rose is somewhere in Europe. 😀 😀

The point of this is:  I have more stories than I can possibly do all the art for.  Art takes far longer than writing.  I kind of live to create.

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