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October 21st

Cade sat with his mother. The box holding the sterling silver necklace was on the coffee table between them. There was a lit candle sitting next to the box. “Okay, so I’m going to use wax on my fingertips to pick up the necklace and give it to Maria and then tell her how to use it.”

“Yes.” His mother nodded. “When she gets here, give it to her along with the taser. When the hunter shows up, she needs to taser him and bind him with the silver rope. Then she calls you, and you can help bind him more securely. You need to stay near her at all times.”

“Okay.” Cade took a deep breath. He blew out the candle, stuck his fingers in the wax then let them cool. He tentatively went for the necklace. His fingertips touched it, and nothing happened. Cade picked it up then dropped it back in the box. “That works. Hopefully, she won’t look too close.” He took his other hand and touched the silver for a second. A spark shot out of the box, and Cade yelped. He grabbed his finger and winced as smoke rose from a noticeable burn. “Well, I guess that proves it’s pure.”

“What are you going to tell her if you make an error.” His mother looked at him in concern.

“The truth. I won’t have a choice.” Cade sighed, closing the box. “And the rest of the plan is to bring him here?”

“Yes. I will wipe all memories of Maria from his mind.” Zelda stated. “And everything from the last year. We don’t want him to even remember coming here.”

“It will be permanent?”

“It will weaken if he sees Maria in person. It will break if he looks into her eyes or interacts with her at all. You need to tell Maria that.”

Cade nodded. “If she stays here, I don’t see how she’ll ever run into Bryce again. I’ll have him taken far from here. We think he is staying somewhere nearby, but not everyone knows to look out for him.”

“Cade, I know you don’t want to kill a man.” His mother sighed, rubbing her temples. “But I can’t help but feel this will not be permanent.”

“It could be.” Cade hoped it would work. He couldn’t imagine killing someone and didn’t want to. The look on Bryce’s face in the photos he had seen frightened him. He didn’t want to be like Bryce. He wasn’t a murderer.


Cade held a strand of the necklace between his wax-covered fingertips. He dropped it into the box and handed it to Maria. She took it in her hands, curiously. “Really, a necklace?”

“The silver will stop his ability to pass through anything, like say ropes. Yer going to tase him, tie him up, and call me.” Cade stated. “I will be nearby. He’s going to make a move at some point. Keep these things out of sight of the cameras. They’re still on, aren’t they?”

“Yeah.” Maria winced. “I hate the fact he’s watching.”

“Yes, but we know that he’s going to show up if the cameras go out.”

“Uh. Are you still watching the cameras?”

“I check on ye, yes.” Cade lowered his eyes and stared at the floor. “I can delete the app if ye would like.” He neglected to mention he had people watching the house, and he didn’t look as often as he would if they weren’t there.

“Not right now. I already know Bryce is watching me. It doesn’t matter who else is.” Maria took the silver necklace and put it around her neck. Cade blinked. Oh, that was going to cause a problem. He hadn’t thought that she might put it on.

“Maybe you should keep it in your pocket, so he doesn’t see it. He probably knows his own weakness.”

Maria frowned at the suggestion. “Yeah, you’re right.” She pocketed it instead and then picked up the taser. It looked like a small flashlight. She laughed. “Well, now I’m just Veronica Mars for Halloween.”

“Worked well with her.” Cade chuckled.

“What are you going to do with him if this works?” Maria slipped the taser into her other pocket and grumbled at how shallow it was. She was going to need to find something with deeper pockets to put them in.

“We’re going to have all memories of you removed. Then we’re going to take him somewhere far from here and leave him with a serious case of amnesia.” Cade explained. “I was told that he can never see ye, talk to ye or interact with ye or it’ll come back.”

Maria nodded. “Which means I should be okay to stay here?”

“Yes.” Cade smiled. “As long as ye want.” Maria sat quietly with a thoughtful smile on her face. Then she got up, walked over to Cade, and sat on his lap. He leaned back, unsure of what she was going to do.

Maria rested her head on Cade’s shoulder and looked him in the eyes. She reached out to gently caress the left side of his face. The small cuts he had were healing, and he hadn’t shaved in several days because of them. Maria ran her fingers through his stubble, and he stared at her curiously. “About that John Wick costume.” She grinned.

“I already have a good costume, Maria.” Cade grinned. “But if that’s what ye want, I think I can scrounge up an old suit and tie that would work. Got friends who can help me with the bloody look, because these should be healed up by then.” He ran a hand through his facial hair. “Steph is a hairstylist.” He groaned. “Oh, she’ll love this. I’ve been lazy, so might actually look the part kinda in the dark. Keanu’s better looking than me.”

“Don’t start that again.” Maria gave him a warning look, then leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose. “Don’t.”