2009-Summer-005 Kimberly showing off her gi on the night before her first class of Tae Kwan Do. For Christmas last year we got a family event … but there were not any family events we were interested in doing at the time. An event being going out to a play/show/etc. Last year it was Medieval Times.
Sooo.. since it was nearing the end of the year grandparents offered to enroll her in a class at the local kid’s gym and we picked Tae Kwan Do – so now Kim’s in the White Dragons and has been through three classes. Her fourth is tonight.
She’s REALLY enjoying it. And we’re encouraging it. The teacher’s good with kids and we can watch the entire lesson without fear of getting hit by flying weapons. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, they’re teaching them how to use weapons as well. Foam weapons. They must be thick foam because Kim got smacked by one by accident hard enough to make her cry. ๐Ÿ˜€ But she kept on with it, so that was good.
Of course … the week after we signed up I checked the listing for Walking with Dinosaurs Live and it’s going to be in the area this month and next.

– Tiff