I’m pretty sure the topic sums up exactly what I think of Syfy’s SGU.

I have watched Stargate SG:1 and Atlantis from the beginning. I loved them and long time readers know I did. Now, I DID stop watching SG:1 in its last season and Atlantis in its last season because it started to get repetitive. That does NOT mean I stopped loving the series and universe that was created within it. Just that what they were doing was no longer really drawing me in as much as I wanted it to.

I was greatly interested and enthusiastic about Stargate Universe when it was first announced. Darker, grittier Stargate! Sounds like fun! (I enjoyed BSG … after watching the pilot three times and going from: Oh good grief, what is this pile of garbage to – hey, this actually does have an interesting story. It was just hidden beneath the stuff they throw in to get people who don’t care about stories and just fluff to watch.) I defended it before it actually came on when the titles Stargate Gallactica and Battlestar Gate were tossed around. I gave it a chance. I wanted to give it a chance.

First tipoff that SGU might be bad … was the commerical commenting that it was going to be ‘sexier’ than the other two series. I actually took it as a slam against the other two, but thought Ok… that has one of two implications. One is good. One is bad. One is we’re going to sleek this series up, make it more exciting, toss in a little bit of sex and with purpose. (Bunnytrail #1 – Defying Gravity – The trailers for this one initially turned me off because it was advertised as a soap opera and I hate soap operas. To me, they are the lowest form of tv programming, BELOW reality tv dating shows. AS it turned out, Defying Gravity was NOT a soap opera, it was actually a very good, interesting scifi series with interesting characters, with real problems and handled tastefully within the context of the series. I LOVE DG.)
The second implication: We’re just going to randomly toss in sex scenes in such a disjointed way that they’re obviously just there to titillate your senses and have NOTHING to do with progressing any sort of storyline.

Within the first ten minutes of viewing the pilot … I lost consciousness. I just could not concentrate on it. I suffered blackouts that lasted in fifteen minute stretches, broken only by commercials that were more interesting than what I was watching. There were tiny little blips of interesting things that would happen … but nothing every came of it.
I’m beginning to wonder if there actually was a story somewhere in there that I just missed because I kept blacking out with utter boredom. Reading a recap of some of it … I’m actually glad I missed all the drama. I just can not watch soap operas. And that’s ALL this is! It’s like someone had this idea for a dramatic series they wanted to do, but it lacked a hook. So the executives at SyFy were like, hey, why don’t we take this idea that’s aimed at one group of people and MERGE it with an existing one. It works for our monster movies. I mean, you have Boa and Python movies and we combined them into something new, Boa vs Python! So smashing Stargate and this new soap opera format will be just as awesome.

I feel as though a bait and switch has occurred on me. You can have a dark, gritty scifi series and still have humor, but nobody told Brad Wright or anyone in charge of this train wreck that bit of information. I and I’m sure many other of the people who loved Stargate are still watching for one reason… and one reason only – we wanted it to be something wonderful, new and invigorating, but what we got was a second rate crap fest.
The amount of anger being spewed at the existence of SGU is coming from people who love the originals and had such high hopes for something amazing, which were then squashed by huge disappointment.

Unlikeable characters, missed opportunities for storytelling, scenes that are wastes of time with no payoff whatsoever. I want them to just kill everyone on the ship except Eli and then have Eli going around the universe loading the ship with alien crew members who are more human than the one dimensional cast that’s there. There are so many ways this series could be fixed and salvaged if the writers are all FIRED!

And you know.. when the people in charge start to show that they’re going to start reacting to the comments in the way that they are … they KNOW something is wrong. They KNOW they’ve taken a misstep and they’re on the defensive. They don’t want to admit they were wrong.

Creator Brad Wright took on a reviewer for calling it boring.
And Joseph Mallozzi, executive producer also ranted about it.

If you’re going to try for a gritty scifi series, you should be studying Firefly or any number of brilliant scifi animes. The whole thing smacks of the same type of mentality of people who mimic an art style on the surface without understanding the culture behind how to make it work. It brings it all back to me … the guys at the convention hawking a crappy comic book with a ‘penguin’ hidden in it who told me: Hey, there’s this penguin in it named Pen-pen that you have to find and win a prize! We don’t know anything about it, but it seems pretty popular. 9.9 Those were the exact words … and yes, I know who Pen-pen is.

In short: Stargate Universe is a BADLY written series and it takes a LOT to be badly written to a point that I’ll take the time to rant about it. (The original V was also badly written with lots of mistakes that could be corrected, but you know what … at least it was INTERESTING.)

I could write better episodes and I have no idea how to write.