When I first started using Manga Studio EX 3 I used it for awhile then had to stop because it was VERY unstable. I recently was forced to upgrade to Manga Studio EX 4 and after a short break in period (and a lot of annoyance at lack of documentation for what I wanted out of the program….) I figured out how to make it do what I desired and below… is a super simple ‘get started’ item.

Now, before this, it’s good to make a template the same size as your pieces will be. I don’t use the panelling in MS yet, but do that in photoshop as well as set up my pencils. I import those into my template and save, then get to work!

Before playing with things, use what you can, then test things here and there. I have the brushes and pens down and that’s what’s here… because one little toggle is like magic… and that is to double click on the pen you’re using (you will have to do this individually for EACH brush) and turn on anti-aliasing. This removes the horrible choppy squares and makes your drawing smooth. You will have to do this with EVERY tool. You really do not have to adjust any of the other settings, just test each of the choices for the one you like. I typically use the Maru nib and just adjust the width slider. G, Kabura and School are also good. The actual Brush … is personal preference. I don’t like it as much because it seems harder to handle.

And that’s it. Just IGNORE all the other little windows until you feel the need to move on. (Tones are very easy as well, but I’ll do that in another one.. )

And for those who know all about anti-aliasing … I use anti-aliasing because it makes a smoother line, when I go to color, I make two layers and ‘bitmap’ the lower one for colors. 😉 Since I use bpelt filter for coloring, it makes things much faster.