I don’t know where it ORIGINALLY came from, but this was sent to me by my husband off the 105.3 The Fan website, posted here, because I don’t know the link and I don’t really want to link to it. 😀 (Lots of NSFW content.) It’s called Man Crack. I’m reducing this to half for the hubby and likely making some french fries to go with it.

– 2 packages of cream cheese
– 2 cans of no-bean chili
– 3 bags of mexican shredded cheese
– 1 jar of jalapenos
– 2 bags of Frito’s “scoops” tortilla chips

– Preheat the oven to 325 degrees
– Take both packages of cream cheese and dump them into a baking dish
– Take a knife and smear the cream cheese until it covers the base of the pan
– Dump two cans of no-bean chili on top of the cream cheese covering every square inch of the chili with all three bags of Mexican shredded cheese
– Add some jalapenos and cook that bad boy for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese on top is thoroughly melted
– Dump a bag of chips on the couch cushion next to you and continue eating until the Man Crack is gone