This is the first of the commission badges and the first one I’ve done using this particular method.  The little bits of ‘glimmer/lighter/textured looking things’ on the outfit are actually a special glimmering watercolor wash that is over the basic copic colors.  This particular badge is on the higher end.   It’s also larger than the usual badges.  I need to stick to a 4.5 x 5.5 size. 😀  It’s easier on my laminator.  It’s laminated with a heat laminator which I use for badges now.  I also wanted to take a picture of my method of attachment.  I use metal grommets to secure the ring into the badge that also has a badge clip attached.

AS for the earring… those ARE actual dice beads on chains serving as an earring.  The glimmer near them is a transparent rubber jewelry beading thread that’s very strong and … transparent.  It’s not noticeable except when a flash hits it.  I was going to add a little wing charm to the collar piece, but mine were all too big to use.

Extra bits like that cost extra.  I can add 3D effects like flowers, necklaces, etc.