The Drop-A-Thon is now closed to new entries.  Arc 1 has been fully drawn and is in the process of being finished for uploading.  It needs some touchups and lettering.

Arc 2 was put on hold after doing Arc 1 took about 18 hours. I decided to listen to myself saying:  You can’t do this for another 18+ hours, your shoulders hurt, your fingers hurt and you can’t focus on the darn page.  Take a break.  So I delayed it a bit and will work on it in chunks throughout the week.

So now I know, don’t try to work more than 15 hours straight.  (By 9 pm, I was yawning and having a hard time seeing and still stayed up until 11.)  I also moved to my drawing desk to work.

Current Tally: $350  (Anything above this is going to gas and groceries and Thanksgiving dinner!)
Current Characters: 9

Arc 1 – Jasmine (Albino Fox), Bear (Fennec), Tvorsk (Cross Fox), Shyssa (Jilaic) Nevix – Skunk – despite his not entering his skunk version, I have come up with a plot to abuse him with.)  This one will be a Cyantia based story, but I am not giving ANY details until more characters are submitted.  – This group is now closed for primary characters and I am going to begin scripting the adventure tonight.  It IS open for nonspeaking cameos.  Fox preferred.

Arc 2 – Maldran (Snow Leopard/Steampunk slant, depending on other characters for world creation.), Rowena (Feline, undecided), Aaron (Grey Fox), Rose (Opossum) – Primary character roles are filled.  This will be a completely NEW world.  Open for nonspeaking roles.

Arc 3 – If a third arc is necessary and does not contain 4-5 characters, it will be done on another weekend, which means that the prior two will each be around 15 pages and so will the 3rd arc.

Well, that’s what it’s called before I decided that I better not TRY to work for 30-32 hours straight. 😀 My friends and readers and freaders show signs of concern when I do not sleep and I will likely be able to do better work if I have 8 hours of sleep in there.

So, the reason why: We replaced two balding tires on our car a couple of months ago and in rotating tires around, it reveals just how bad our alignment is on the front and the wear shows that even more. The left front tire is bald. Car pulls heavily to the right. The right front tire is in great condition, due to being replaced by our nail-in-tire replacement plan with Discount Tire over the summer. To get the best alignment, we need to get new tires and then align it, which will be around $300. (We’ll keep the good tire as a spare, not letting them have it to resell when the tread’s so good on it.)
Plan B – Buy one used tire, move the newer tires from the back to the front and get alignment. Cheaper option would run around $100-$120 or so.

We need to get this done asap, because I really don’t like my husband driving for work on a very bald tire.. and I will have him take pictures to add to this post today. Now…
The Details: This is open to ANYONE and just about ANY type of character. I will put together a 30-32 page comic or two 15 page or three 10 page comics containing characters submitted via donation. It will be done in full comic style format, black and white over two days. Friday, November 18th and Saturday, November 19th and if necessary, Sunday, November 20th. I will stream most of the process – likely not the setup, because I’ll try to do a lot of that ahead of time.  I will be working on my full sized comic boards and will distribute the pages to those involved at a later date unless they tell me to put them up for auction.
I will formulate these stories based on the characters submitted.
Donate a minimum of $10 and you will get in the comic. The more you donate, the more influence you will have on the story. I will post the story in its entirety online and collect it for print and pdf distribution with a thank you page. The goal is $300, but I will not stop people from going over, since we can definitely use anything to keep ahead of the bills.

Now, details for you to send me (Please note these will range from PG-PG13):
Character Name:
Detailed Physical description, if it’s NOT in the description, it will not be in the comic and if you forget your body build/size I will take artistic liberties!!
Personality details. How you speak, when you speak, who/what you like/hate/tolerate/despise.
Technology level. Education. Life experiences.
Anything I need to know.

Those who jump on this first will likely have more pull on the world that is built around them and this is not specifically for my worlds. I will create new ones to populate where necessary.

To donate, you can use the donation buttons or go to Serve/Paypal and send directly to the email below, which will also allow you to pay the fees or not have fees depending on the options you choose.  You can use this email address for your details as well, please put Shivae-Drop-A-Thon in the title!

– Tiff