Going over what I need to get done and revising it because I think I’m being a little too ambitious in what I’m getting done.  So my new work goals are a little easier ons me: 10 pages – panels laid out per title.  5 pages – lettered.  (These goals are already met.)  3 pages penciled for all comics except Abby and Alien Dice.  4 pages would be good.

Comics currently updating plus days updating:

  1. Abby’s Agency – Tuesday/Thursday
  2. Alien Dice – Money Wednesday Friday (I will likely shift this to full pages once a week or two, soon.)
  3. Black Rose – Sunday
  4. Campus Safari – Monday
  5. Genoworks Saga – Wednesday
  6. Akaelae Cubs – Friday
  7. Cookie War – Tuesday and Thursday, but it needs to be scripted and it’s a short.
  8. Serin – Saturday
  9. Vas – Sunday
  10. I Married a Gamer – No set schedule at the moment.


Comics not currently updating, but being worked on.:

  1. Cesilee’s Diary for print only.
  2. Sink or Swim will possibly begin when the cookie war is over, need to finish scripting it.
  3. Swiftpaw Short (has an ending)
  4. PURE
  5. Sivine Blades

The changes should allow me to stream more and get those commissions all cleared up. – Tiff