(Note: Going to move this to another page to be updated. Right now, the total is $2,945. I just got off the phone with one company because their office was closed and I want to pay it off FIRST. That would be the biggest one, then I’ll take care of the other two small ones. I have two more to scan and will be trying to keep a balance to I can be safe for several months of payments. – Updated on 4/5 – Thank you! – Tiff

Every year, a bunch of nice readers send us unexpected gifts from my wishlists.  This year, I’d like to ask that you ignore the wish lists.  Most of the items on there are wants at the moment and nothing we really need.  What we really NEED is help from drowning.  I’m posting up my daughter’s invoices for medical bills.  If you want to help someone directly and keep our really good credit rating intact, please consider pitching in a little.  Every dollar counts toward getting these paid off.  Right now, I only have two.  UT Southwestern, which covers Kim’s MRI she had in July to see if she needed another heart surgery and the Anesthesiologist bill that went with it for far less.  I had put off doing the MRI for over a year out of sheer panic over the cost I knew we’d pay and the fact we couldn’t avoid it.  We can’t pay the $50 a month they want.  We can’t add anything else to what we already pay, even though I’ve done my best to cut and trim our budget to bare necessities (We went without a phone for a year and I do not own a cellphone).  I’m also just tired of these medical bills looming over us like a huge weight that wants to crush us at any minute.  By now, we should have been saving for a house, not saving for bills.  By now, we should have had a second child or something.  These are only the two most recent.  There are four more.  One is with a pushy collections agency, two are from Children’s and I forget what the last one is, because yes, I put them in a pile to deal with later, only later is talking to them and hearing every single one of them saying:  We’d like you to autopay $50 a month…. on SIX ACCOUNTS.   Four years ago, we were paying hundreds a month, then everything tanked and I slowed payments to $10, then eventually had to stop in hopes that eventually we could take them up again.  I paid those bills a bit longer than I should have.  This has dragged us down for the last several years and I really want to tackle it and pay them what they need, but am unable to.  This is all we ask.  Kim does not need toys and neither do I or my husband.  We need peace of mind.

Everything needs to be made out to Kimberly Ross, including paypal if you choose to go that way.  Clearly note it is a gift (otherwise, the IRS thinks I worked for it and they require a share).  I prefer mailed in, but it’s ok if other ways are easier.  Dollars help at chipping away at this debt and I will post the receipts as I get them.  It is tax deductible if you want to pay them directly and I’m ok with giving out that information privately, because you can’t exactly charge services on it. 😀  This is 100% medical bills.  The first one… is that pushy collection’s agency.  I’ll post the other invoices as they send me new ones this month.  You will have our family’s thanks if you help out!

Edit: Last invoice is the most important, since it is in collections at $1,506.40.  This one is the most important for us to tackle, because since it is already in collections, it can be negotiated down a little when I have the funds to do so.

Edit:  I know, I know.  I could put this up on Indiegogo or another such site, but I’m reluctant to do so because they take 4-5% on top of paypal/amazon fees and that adds up!  I might, but for now, just pass the link along.

Mail to and please make out checks and Money Orders to:

Kimberly Ross

P.O. Box 270801

Flower Mound, TX  75027-0801

You can use my email directly through paypal/serve/amazon

Gifters Total = $2,945!

  1. CEM – $20
  2. WK – $95
  3. KB – $200
  4. LR – $50
  5. CP – $50
  6. DR – $30
  7. KB – $500
  8. CV – $2,000