Sundays are light work days for me. I typically lay out comics, letter and take stock of what I need to do for the week, then do something with family if we didn’t do anything on Saturday. Kim goes off to Awanas in the evening during the school year, buying me a few work hours.

Today, I’ve gone over Alien Dice, Abby’s Agency, Campus Safari, Sink or Swim (two arcs), the Cyantian War short, PURE, Shivae! Vas and Serin. I didn’t touch Black Rose, Caiden and Koel, Cafe’ Anime, or Sivine Blades, because they are current in the layouts. Yes, there are a BUNCH of comics in there that have NOT updated in awhile and a few, in YEARS. Every comic, even the ones that have not updated, have 10 pages of layouts completed and 5 pages of letters completed. I print them out and then pencil them on 11 x 14 printing paper on Monday.

There were problems with PURE’s scripts last week, which I fixed mostly by collecting all the separate files into a big file in Manga Studio and then screen clipping to Onenote 2010, so I have them synced to the Microsoft cloud and into my Samsung Note 8.0. I broke down and picked it up on a payment plan we can handle last week so I can get on with work. Glitches with my livescribe pen have made me very resistant to using it. It was replaced once, but I now have a subconscious block that fills my mind with worry that it’s going to mess up every time I pick it up. 😀 Not good for writing scripts, even though I have.

Also picked it up, because it’s replacing half of my aging laptop. The other replacement (a yiynova) can wait. It’s part of my usual equipment replacement cycle and thankfully, tax deductible.

I’m back to scripting nightly, thanks to that Note. Last night I moved the Cyantian War scripts to near completion, writing them directly into S Note. I’ll be exporting them into PDF files then printing them into Onenote. Since there’s no dialogue. 😉 On my other comics, I’ll be writing them in One Note and letting it convert them immediately to text, then draw my thumbnails in S Note to import later.

Ideally, Onenote Mobile would be all I needed IF it actually allowed you to draw on the pages. :/ I already knew that it wouldn’t. S Note would be ideal if it had a desktop sync. I refuse to use Evernote.

It should also come in handy for distracting me from the impending dental surgery I’m going to be having. Thankfully, I have insurance. I’ll be having all of my teeth removed this summer. :/ No fillings, no root canals, only one cavity, but I’ve lost so much bone mass in my jaw, they can’t hold my teeth in and only tarter below my horribly receding gum line are holding them in. I have all 32. Yippee. I get to pay to have every one of them removed. I’m not sure it could have been avoided, apparently if you’re born premature you have a variety of tooth anomalies. Mine was really small teeth, barely bigger than baby teeth. :/ SO I get to look forward to digging up $1,800 for my teeth and not a house down payment.

It sucks. But at least I have my Note to distract me with all the productive things it’s helping me do and get done. 😀 Increased productivity is good.

– Tiff