Edit: Most of the below issues have now been fixed and navigation is useable and goes to ACTUAL pages with COMICS on them now and not error pages, although there are some pages that are messed up. I’ll have to fix my NANOWRIMO page, because it should just be a blog now and not a comic setup… 😛 Frumph had the answers and I stumbled across the permalinks page wondering if he was going to suggest that and apparently it recaches the links to the new and correct ones after you do that. So it automatically fixed it and I was befuddled as the pages started loading without me having DONE anything, but gone to a page.

NOW, I’m going to go play with my dragons and go to bed…

I am aware that navigation is missing from a lot of pages.
I am aware that PURE, Black Rose, Cler, Caiden and Koel, Cafe Anime, and Alien Dice Archive sections do not navigate correctly. I’m also aware that pretty much NONE of the subpages are working correctly on shivae.net, abbysagency.us or aliendice.com.
Serin is fine, so is the Gallery on Alien Dice… 0.o Not sure what I missed.

– Tiff