Edit: Well… so I looked into this particular laptop. It’s an awesome laptop, but it is clearly NOT wacom based and … it doesn’t appear to be anything more than a glorified mouse in pen form. 🙁 I’ve viewed several youtube videos showing it in action, so new plan: I will go to inking on all the 11 x 17 bristol, printing out inks on my awesome wide format printer and inking on my awesome light table. Well.. I get an AWESOME laptop I could never afford that costs more than any computer I’ve ever had… Ebay’s not promising, by the way. $750… yeah, I’d rather keep it and work toward getting the Yiynova I want that isn’t out yet in its new form.

Just got off the phone with the HP rep assigned to my escalated case. I was very concerned, because they normally don’t want to talk to me on the phone while repairing my computer. Usually it’s email. So now I’m in tears.

They can’t fix my tablet pc because the part they need to fix it is no longer available. But, since it’s still under warranty (I bought an extended 3 year warranty for a reason, so I’d always have that peace of mind that I’d have a work machine), they are REPLACING it with a BRAND NEW BUILT Tablet PC, the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1. 😀 😀 And they are throwing in a new 3 year warranty. 😀 😀 HP just made up for the tablet pc they should’ve replaced before I got the last one and it does make me happy with them.

Judging by the page they had me fill out to show me what’s on it, it’s a nice upgrade, although the screen’s a tiny bit smaller. I wasn’t even aware they HAD new wacom penabled machines! I had looked and not seen one and thought the current tablet pc was the last HP one I’d have. Guess I was wrong. 😀 Oh yeah, back to the first sentence, it appears I won’t get it until Mid October, which means lots of NO UPDATES, which is really going to stress me out. I’m still going to try to get updates out, but they will be sporadic. Hand inking them would be great, except that my scanner’s not big enough and it causes ‘problems’ when inking larger pieces. I may still try it.

Otherwise, I’m going to concentrate on commissions and putting together books. It’s what I can do and I need to keep busy to keep from worrying.

– Tiff