I’m kinda exhausted this week from all the worrying and it’s killed a lot of my thought processes as I try to muddle through my situation.
I get an awesome laptop, that is worth more than any two pieces of computer equipment I’ve ever owned combined. It lacks the ONE thing I need, an active digitizer, preferably wacom based. This is a short falling on HP’s part as they for some insane reason, moved ALL of their devises to this thing called atmel, which is honestly, crap. HP just wants to quit making laptops and pcs as far as I can tell and this device will be the last HP laptop I have, the fourth one.

Right now, I’m going to try to just do work by hand, but not until next week. I’m just penciling pages right now. I’m probably going to run an Indiegogo to replace my equipment with stuff I actually need and sell that $2,700 laptop with a 3 year maintenance plan for $1,500, with other tiers to make up the difference. What I’m aiming for is first, the 22″ Yiynova UHD, which is not out yet. At least, version 2 is not out. I do not want anything to do with version 1. It should run under $1,000.

Next. Later action, replace my laptop. I have several options, none of which are AVAILABLE right this moment. One is November, one is who knows when, but it’s not as important as the Yiynova to my work flow. I just want a wacom digitizer in it… and a screen larger than 12″. 😀 Either a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga or a Samsung Ativ of some sort. Ativ Q needs to release with a bit more information. Both items together are less than the worth of that laptop I’m getting.

I still need to try to ink using the intous3, I’m just dreading it. I’ll likely do comic pages by hand, over detail them, and use them as part of the indiegogo incentives. I’m dreading how time consuming this is going to be.

Maybe, but I’m not holding my breath, this digitizer will somehow work with Manga Studio’s line correction ability… that would honestly be the most ideal thing, but having seen videos of the atmel digitizer in action.. ugh.. it’s just SO bad and embarassing.

– Tiff