Current Tally: $1030 of $1,000       Thank you, Thomas, John, Arnold, Sascha, John, Michael, Hariman and Aragh. 🙂      $0 to go!  – If it goes over tonight, anything over will go toward Manga Studio EX 5.  Not counting on it, but I’d like to upgrade and that’s $150.  That way, extra is accounted for and goes to work stuff.

Hello to everyone visiting this page. Most of you, I’m sure, came in via my sites and are aware of the problem, so you can skip all this if you like, but for those who are unaware, this is what has happened to my updates.

I do comics and art as my full time job and do most of my work on my HP Touchsmart TM2t.  At least, I did.  Over the last year it’s been having problems and has been working slower and slower, putting me more and more behind and making it more difficult to get work completed.  When I bought it, it was awesome.  It replaced a horribly made HP TX2000, the one with the heat problems and bad venting, yes.

Anyway, I sent it in for repairs in May/June.  You see, I bought a three year extended warranty/service plan so I would be covered in case something happened to it. If we were in a normal economy, I would have replaced it after two years, because I wear out laptops, literally.  8-10 hours DAILY of working on them, mostly with photoshop, takes its toll, but they serve their purpose.

A couple of weeks ago, my laptop was having problems again and it was sent back to HP for repairs.  A week later, HP was calling me.  My awesome laptop is not repairable, because they no longer make the part that needs to be replaced.  So I’m getting a NEW LAPTOP and not just any laptop, it’s just like my laptop.  It has a swivel hinge.  It even has a PEN.

Oh that’s so awesome!  That is, until I started looking up what they were giving me.  The laptop IS awesome.  It’s an  HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1.  With the pen and the three year completely replacement insurance they gave me, it’s worth $2,700!

There’s just one problem.  The laptop is NOT Wacom penabled like my TM2t and the pen is NOT pressure sensitive like they claim it in.  That part of the laptop is pretty much GARBAGE.  It’s a glorified mouse.  And guess why I chose the particular laptop I did?  Because it had a wacom digitizer.  HP no longer has ANY laptops that use a wacom digitizer.  This was their solution for me.  It has a pen.  That’s all I need, right?

Now, I will have an awesome laptop, but it does not do anything that I NEED it to do. 🙁  I can’t draw on it.  I can’t write on it. I can’t paint on it.  I can’t use CS6 or Manga Studio EX 5 like they should be used on it.   It’s not here yet, btw, when it gets here, it’s likely to end up as a reward tier.

And that brings us to the purpose of this post.  I need a new tablet.  I’m likely going to pick up a 22″HD Yiynova that is supposed to begin shipping in October.  It should be around $1,000. If I have to, I’ll put some of it on a card, where it can sit with the medical bills and car repairs. I really do not want anymore debt, it sends me into bouts of extreme worry knowing it’s there.

Now, as of this time, I’m just setting this up for those who want to help out and not receive anything more than a heartfelt thank you.  I have done some comics by hand on 11 x 17 bristol.  They will be placed up as rewards and will run $50 a page.  They will ship rolled in tubes for a total of $60 in the US, $70 outside the US.

I am not offering other kinds of work, because these issues have given me a huge backlog of commissions that need to be completed first and I don’t need an even larger workload staring at me on a daily basis, so there WILL be other stuff up here!

If things turn out well, I hope to get the Yiynova monitor AND turn the HP laptop into a cheaper laptop (Good grief, a wacom companion is cheaper… and that thing is overpriced.) that actually has a wacom digitizer.  I really miss having a laptop since I share a desktop with my husband… and daughter. 😀  As much as it’d be nice to keep a $2,700 laptop, which btw, would be the most expensive thing I have owned in the last decade, it really doesn’t do me much good when it doesn’t have a real digitizer.

Check back, I’ll likely post more things and art.

Goal #1: This Yiynova MVP22U9(V2) Tablet Monitor which will be $1,000 after shipping if I trust the first amount it was listed under. THIS is the primary goal and the only thing I absolutely need. It’s the first time I’ll actually have a dedicated tablet like a Wacom Cintiq, which is more than TWICE as much. Currently, I have an Intuos3 tablet, which is not a screen and the retail Intuos is 5. 😀

Goal #2: Turn the $2,700 Elitebook into Goal #1 and Goal #2, or figure out a way to exchange it for a laptop I want. My current plan, is to plug the tablet monitor into the new laptop, which is good. But honestly, I’d really rather plug the tablet monitor into our family computer and replace the Elitebook with either a Wacom Companion or Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga. The companion is overpriced, but so is that Elitebook. $ 1,999 for the 256 gig version. The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga is a secondary notion. I need to research it more. There appears to be two versions and one is 12.5″ and the other 13″. Price is between $949 and $1,049. It’s not out yet.

The Elitebook has a three year service plan and ownership is transferable.

Now, the ONLY reason I mention the Companion, is because someone will suggest it or a Surface Pro to me. NO. No. NO. Why? The Surface pro is overpriced for what you get and 2 isn’t much better. The screen is also only 10″ and 12″ is as small as I go, so I’ll likely go with the Yoga or Yoga 2 if I can, if I’m able.

I would never buy a laptop that is as expensive as the replacement one. 🙁 As you can see, the cost of the replacement is more than getting the Yiynova AND the Yoga AND service plans for both of them. 😀 If only they could’ve given that to me in cash!

Every day I’m without my laptop, I’m losing money. 🙁 I lost another week of work and that makes almost a month of work lost just while it’s been in repairs. When there are not any updates, there are fewer visitors and fewer visitors mean fewer pageviews and that means even further dwindling revenue from ads. My sites are also kinda stuck at the moment. I work slower when I work by hand and it takes longer to clean up the art for coloring or further work. My scanner isn’t quite big enough to handle a whole 11 x 17 page. :/ So getting this done ASAP is very important to me and my family.

You can donate however you like. Paypal or Serve to tiff dot ross at verizon dotdotdot net. Remove all those dots and put . there. 😀 Mailing address is below for other ways and finally, yes, I can take credit cards via Square.  If you use Paypal, make sure you mark it as anything but goods, because Paypal doesn’t like it when you don’t mail things even when there’s nothing to mail. 😀  And if you are expecting nothing in return, mark it as a gift if you can.

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Original artwork is $60 to be mailed in the US and $70 if mailed elsewhere.  All pieces are mailed in a rolled tube unless otherwise noted.