Time to post an update on that last post. 😀 It’s 2014. So far, I’m very HAPPY with 2014. I’m still a bit behind and my priorities are first, buffering all my comics by one month and two, commissions, which I’m working on at the same time. But here’s where it gets fun.

I bought a Surface Pro 2 on December 31st. Not sure why, but I felt a really strong push to do it and do it right then. So I did and I love it. It was the missing item. I’m keeping the HP Laptop attached to the Yiynova in my bedroom now and bring it out for lettering and writing emails.. .since I didn’t buy a type cover for my Surface. It’s more powerful than the shared family desktop and the Surface.

This, is where I am elated. I was beginning to think that my prior productiveness (which I haven’t had over the last year, even though most of my readers still think I’m being productive) was all in my imagination and I was never working as quickly as I thought I was.

Every week, I pencil one more page than I need for each comic to update. This means that I have a bunch of comics penciled and ready for inking if something happens that eats into my time. I’ve had to reach into that pencil buffer several times and managed to not break updates. I even have several comics with established buffers now! Black Rose, Serin, and Shivae! have all been buffered to a month by smaller strips.

THIS week, I decided to ink all those comics and work them all at once, because I have Furry Fiesta next weekend and I don’t want to use up all my buffered comics. My Cyantian comics were not buffered at all.

So, how did it go?

2 pages of AD and Abby were done, because I didn’t have as many buffered pages. Abby is on a one a week schedule for a bit while I build the buffer. AD has a buffer and this just expanded it.

3 pages of SoS are READY! 2 pages are ready for CS. There would be 3, but the third is a ‘pinup’ and not finished. 4 pages of Pawprints were done. 😀 Note.. I do them in batch and actually worked on FOUR files at one time while coloring it and it didn’t take as long.

I colored 2 pages of Black Rose, Serin, and Vas!

Total colored: 19 pages completed this week. Normally, I complete 10 pages. If I had not been working on convention stuff at the same time, I would’ve finished more!

This week, while I prepare for the convention, I can devote most of my time to preparing and making things. I will also be spending time penciling with a goal of twice what I need to update so I can try to repeat this again the following week.

When everything is buffered, I’ll reduce what I’m doing a bit so I can tackle the pile of owed art, then work on compiling the books I need to print. All in all, I feel really good and I will NEVER buy an HP again. NEVER. Those machines were never able to keep up with me.

– Tiff