Welp, weekly interruptions have been causing me a lot of problems, but I’ve managed to update… by sacrificing buffer.  Now that we are getting to summer, and my daughter is not going to be in school in a couple of weeks, I’m going to move Shivae!, Black Rose, and Serin into summer rotation.  That means that they will update a strip instead of a page a week.  This way, they continue updating, without going on hiatus.  That will end after Labor Day.

Other than that, the schedule should remain the same, except I will be streaming more.  I stream via Tigerdile and post on the site Twitter and occasionally on Furaffinity/Weasyl when I’m on.  I must finish those commissions I have left and thus far, haven’t been making progress on more than a handfull. 🙁  I don’t intend to be open for commissions very often in the future.

So, no Alien Dice or Campus Safari on Monday.  Other things will update as usual throughout the week!

Oh yeah, and to make sure my daughter doesn’t spend the summer on ipad/computer/tv, going to be teaching her how to sew and do some crafting and writing.  This way, she’s also in the same room I’m in. 😀  Trying to teach her something that she can utilize to make some extra money that’s a real skill.

I may even begin teaching her how to color digitally.

By the way, my summer schedule occurs because my daughter is out of school and my husband moves to a four day work week, which means that I have to work around people all day if I want to get work done, work slower, and feel obligated to be in the same room they’re in. :/  I may try to avoid that, because I really need to compile some books.

Last week, I tried a new coloring method, which severely backfired on me, although one thing good did come out of it.  I’ll start phasing that in later.  It’s basically returning to using a single shading color instead of a different color for EVERY color.  The Patreon people will get a glimpse of why there are only two AD updates this week… has to do with drawing 15+ different characters. :(:::

– Tiff