Just a note, but I can’t help you with any other information about the organizer or the convention. I only have what I posted. :/

DO NOT sign up for Animation Celebration Frisco!  It’s NOT going to happen.  If you already signed up as a vendor or to attend, you should be aware that it’s not going to happen.  Why?

Because the con owner basically RAN without taking the responsibility to do anything more with the convention and there are some really big allegations floating around about people not getting what they paid for starting with Animation Celebration here in Lewisville that I attended, along with Animation Celebration Galveston that was supposed to go on July 4th weekend.

That convention did not HAPPEN.

As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that people who bought tickets/vendor tables are reading this, because you’ve noticed as I have, how nobody has addressed this online, leaving people wandering around, going, where do I go to get my money back?!  Why isn’t anyone answering me?  They’re not answering you, because the money has obviously gone into someone’s hands and until the people actually involved speak up, there’s nothing to go on.

I’m getting contacted by people trying to figure out what to do, and sadly, I don’t know what to do. 🙁  I’m not out thousands of dollars like some people… and even hundreds would be painful.

See my prior posts on Animation Celebration for what all was going on prior to this.  Everything went silent  in April.  Here’s the FB page.  The website is now defunct.   Yes, I’m aware her husband died.  At that point, someone should have taken control and let people know that the event was going to be cancelled, but nobody officially did.  They were STILL SELLING TICKETS to the Galveston show in June!

If I hear something, I’ll post it, because it’s really annoying me that nobody is talking about it.  Surely, someone out there is going to take action.

Until then, feel free to reply with what you’re out, so people can see the scope of this. 🙁  It’s not pretty.  I’m also wondering if anyone actually showed up at Moody Gardens for the Galveston event…. 🙁

– Tiff