Two things I’m preparing for.  1.  Updating I Married a Gamer – which was supposed to be updating, but I hit a snag called… life.

The second thing is 30 Days of Corgis (Not necessarily in a row.  I can’t promise that).  I’m going to begin doing 30 Days projects in the future where I do 30+ little art pieces and try to flex myself into doing non comic work.  I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to break out of my self made mold, but they’re cute and they sell Zazzle stuffs I can’t afford to by myself. 😀  That’s why I decided on Corgis.  That… and I have one.  Maybe next I’ll do Shivae! or Cats.  I’ve already received a request for Shivae! as Avengers. 😉

I already have 24 inked Corgis + 4 Pokemon that snuck into the batch.  When I finish them ALL, I will be creating journals/sketchbooks/Coloring Books, Coloring page sets, bookmarks, charms, stamps, and other items from each of those images.

A whole line of corgi products, which will get a nice Kickstarter for it so I can make all of that stuff!

That brings me to the rating stars that popped up.  Because I am NOT going to make every corgi piece into a charm, a stamp, or more pricey things to make (Yes, I am releasing 60 books out of this one Kickstarter with different covers and the same interior.  I have planned this out. It will only cost me the price of the first proof.)  The stars are there for people to let me know which images are their favorites and help me choose the ones that will be made into the other items.  Charms are not cheap, neither are the stamps *shudder*.  This will be my first foray into the stamps, but I think a couple sets of those would sell really well.  I have some really cute corgi images. 😀  Unfortunately, those stupid stars show up on everything!! 😀  I can’t select where they show up.

Welp, that’s all.  Look for the corgis to begin flowing by October.

  • Tiff