Since I’m going to go crazy if I keep trying and failing to get work done, it’s time to set it aside and do filler work that I can handle while I reorganize myself and my work area (and stop cycling the depression/frustration drain).  The plan is that once I get rid of the cycle, I should be able to think more clearly and get back to work on things that must be done. Today, going to work on my work area since family is home with me and distracting me.  Not their fault.  I am highly distractable right now.  Tuesday, I will be doing filler art and comic inking… and hand inking… and stupid stuff that makes me happy.  I’ll figure out what the stupid stuff is tomorrow. 😀  Right now, going to to build an Ikea Kallax 2 x 2 to support my desk.

————————  You don’t have to read what’s below here.  It’s just ranting and I know it is. ———————–


The problems I’m having with my laptop were not fixed.  They’re still happening and I really, kinda, really, I do,… hate this laptop. 😀  I also love this laptop and it’s making me so sad!!!

I contacted Lenovo, mostly because the problems continued happening (I have phantom keys that stick, like alt gr, windows, alt, fn.)  It doesn’t happen as often, but it’s still happening and I have to reboot everytime it happens.  The g key VANISHED.  You’ll notice this in tweets on occasion.  Then it randomly logs me out. 😀  Rebooting and being logged out repeatedly takes its toll on my concentration.  Everytime it happens, I forget what I’m doing! 🙁  This is mostly because I’m really behind as it is.  I have a problem with it picking up my hand in Clip Studio.  It appears I’m the only one with this issue. :/  Celsys is baffled and has no answers.  It’s only in Clip Studio.  It changes brushes and opacity while I’m working – again something that kicks me out of my work flow.  This is now a minor issue.  I moved my work area to the right side so it wouldn’t touch the tools. 😀  I also turned on my ability to zoom around and rotate the screen with my fingers, which is AWESOME. 😀

The biggest thing is that the strip of fabric that was sticking out of my screen bezel… they trimmed it back and did not replace the panel like they said they would. 🙁  How do I know?  There are TINY scratches and a few strings sticking out of the bezel. 😛  *sigh*  I don’t know what it looks like under there, but I assume there is a protective fabric where my screen meets the case and it should not be broken.

Teeny tiny annoyances that add up to bigger ones.  I hate to have to send it back, but it’s going back in the mail tomorrow.