I got my laptop back and was so happy to have it back and it seemed to be working better than it had been… then it produced the sticky win key error and my c, v, and h keys mysteriously vanished. ūüôĀ¬† That’s what I’ve been trying to get them to fix!¬† It happens so frequently that it’s a constant interruption into my work flow when I have to reboot to use my device properly (along with other annoyances in how it works)!

I don’t understand if they just never SEE the error or what.¬† It happens to me every two to four hours, sometimes faster.¬† They replaced the motherboard and noted it was overheating, which was never my experience.¬† They replaced the casing… which was also not something I had a problem with, but they did replace the top part that they had scratched… and left a piece off near the hinge. ūüôĀ

My experience with my Lenovo Yoga 720 has been the worst experience with a laptop ever and I REALLY wanted a Yoga since they came out.  So many people had talked about how good they were and how much they liked using them.

So, I decided I will WIPE it and reset it to factory conditions and maybe that will fix it.¬† I did that last night, stayed up to make sure it was fully updated and ready to go in the morning.¬† In the morning, I prepped Clip Studio and other things, then ran Vantage (Lenovo’s software management/inbuilt¬†service platform).¬† Vantage told me that it needed to update the BIOS, so I went, sure, update the BIOS, maybe that will fix things, even though I hadn’t run into an error up to that point.¬† I ran it.¬† It blue screened!¬† I ran it again, this time it said it was doing an auto repair, which it was stuck in for over five minutes while the fans began whirring and it was noticeably hot.¬† I turned it off, it blue screened and did it again.¬† So far, it’s done this FIVE times now and is locked in a loop where it says it can’t access the boot drive.

Lenovo help tried to help me, but it wouldn’t respond to being reset!¬† They offered an in house¬†call, but after over six months of dealing with it and two seperate¬†mail ins and repairs – I just want a NEW machine that is not this one!¬† This one has some sort of problem in it that’s just.. unexplained.¬† I can’t even find other people with the same problem online and that’s normally how I fix things myself.

So at this point, I asked if they would just replace it.¬† I now have to wait three days for the escalated matter to get back to me with options and I’m sure they’ll give me the same model and everything, even if it works perfectly, I’ll likely be done with Lenovo.¬† (Now, if they give me something a little better, that will go pretty far in making me more willing to consider another one.)¬† I’m so frustrated right now, I’m in tears.¬† I just can’t do anything about it and have been struggling along on the hopes that I could get all caught up SOON, and I can’t.¬† I’m severely limited right now and the frustration isn’t helping.

  • Tiff