NOTE:  Regular Dash and both colors of Swiftpaw are the only ones available for ordering and have been ordered.

My second round of charms! This one is made off of the new images of Dash and Swiftpaw from Alien Dice. They were also made to have color variants of each one for larger laminated tags. I have the tags to and will likely post them up for sale when I get batteries for my camera! The Dash ones were done for the Year of the Tiger as well. I have a bunch of tigers. 😀

PLEASE! If you ARE interested in ordering one and have to wait a week or two or three – POST a comment. If I don’t know you want one and nobody says anything, then I take it as nobody wants one.

Each charm is roughly 1.5 inches in size. They will be printed on 1/16″ white acrylic and laser cut. For extra gloss and protection, all of the charms have a layer of lamination on top. Order quickly to get the one you want, because I may remove and change charms that are not ordered after a week or two. And the sooner I have enough to make the order, the sooner the order goes in. The order will go in on September 18th at the latest. Then it will take about a month for me to get them. Please watch for notices on the main sites and if there was a problem with the prior order, please let me know. (I’m shipping this week.)

Now for the scale of donation, since I’m offering options with these and they DO include shipping in the US, please add a dollar if shipping outside the US.

1.5 inch Charm
Just the charm (comes with a double ring for attaching to things.): $6
Keychain or Cellphone Strapped Charm: $7

Other options if you ask, such as earrings. And if you have big fingers and can’t put the ring into the charm, let me know and I’ll do it. 😀 I learned from the first time that the nice metal rings I use will break some charms when mailed (the Swiftpaw one last time) and do cost a little more to ship. This time I’m just going to put in the pieces to avoid damage to the charms. This bunch doesn’t have the design flaw the first Swiftpaw did, but I really don’t like shipping them with a piece that causes stress to the charm when going through a machine. Otherwise, they did hold up fine. Swiftpaw had a bigger ring and that’s what caused them to break in the mail.

Amounts INCLUDE shipping within the US, Canada and Mexico. Outside the US, please add $1. Be SURE your paypal shipping information IS correct! You can use any of the paypal/chip in buttons on the sites. If you want to send payment via check/cash/money order, please post a note in the comments so I know to expect it and send it to:

Tiffany Ross
P.O. Box 292171
Lewisville, TX 75029