*yawn*  Did this for myself.  The Bog King from Strange Magic and Marianne. Goes with one of my fanfic projects, When it Raines. Alternate universe/alternate timeline. Midsummer festivities armor, Sheets of ornamental metal wrapping around the pauldrons, but the rest of the armor is functional and not just decorative. Queen Marianne had it made for him, while stating he didn’t have to dress up for her. 😀  (For me, yes for no, she informed him he could wear nothing for all she cared.) 😀

What is this strange feeling… I may have managed to hit on what I needed. I actually want to do ART today! I am so proud of how he turned out, because it took a total of five hours to go from a sketch to a finished piece AND do Marianne’s wings, which are a bit darker than I like, but oh well… looks nice. – Tiff