As many of you know, I play a game called Flight Rising and I have since it began.  I even contributed to the Kickstarter!  I am shivaesyke on Flight Rising.

This little writeup is for my friends, considering they boggle at my methods and the millions in treasure I manage to accrue.  That’s not a difficult feat, even though you will see people complain about this aspect CONSTANTLY.  So here’s what I do to amass large amounts of treasure in a short amount of time.

#1 – By cheap PRETTY dragons, with genes.

#2 – Breed your pretty dragons with other pretty dragons.

#3 – SELL your pretty dragons!  When a new gene appears and if you’re lucky enough to get at least one or two, compare to dragons already on the block.  Set your price near comparable dragons already listed.  I usually set mine a bit higher.  Otherwise, I set all my chicks at 75,000 treasure for 7 days.  If they do not set, I lower it by 5k every 3 days until it gets to 50K, then I name them and prepare to exalt them, but keep them at 50k for 7 day settings until it’s time.  I have sold absolutely horrendous dragons for 75K and MORE.  Sometimes, I randomly set a dragon I feel is pretty for 100k just to see what happens and yes, I have sold them.  I have 9 million treasure at the time I’m writing this. 😀  It’s mostly from dragon sales.

#4 – Expand your lairs fully.  Set your breeders and rotate through them.  I hatch a nest every day.  If my lair seems to be getting full, I stop hatching nests until more space frees up.  I just count the eggs and spaces open for chicks.  I have a good rotation going so that my lair is never actually full.  I sell an average of one dragon a day.

#5 – I still exalt, but by the time I do exalt, I don’t feel bad about it if it’s a dragon I think is pretty.  There are a few. 😀  They get a name, they get leveled up to level 8.  I exalt them when their color comes up (biggest bonus) or when they hit two of the bonus lifters minimum.  So I get 15K if I only have one match, or almost 20k with modifiers.  It adds up.

#6 – I use Culex’s leveling guide found in the guides section of the forum.  (Link later, can’t log in from here)  I have a fully leveled team for rapid leveling in the coliseum.  I stay OUT of the highest area.  I also have various other leveled dragons using the same formula spread out all across the spectrum.  Why?  I use them for grinding during the end of the month festivals AND leveling at the same time!!  I run them through far lower levels than they are to make them last longer until they don’t generate enough points to level a third dragon.   I might spend an hour a day actually playing.

#7 – Against popular, and I might add, dumb advice, I do NOT autosell anything from my inventory.  I have seven stacks of many items and hoard them.  I turn them in to Swipp if it’s profitable and the hourly turn in if I’m around.  You get better prices for many things, like familiars this way.  I do check my familiars against AH prices when they pop up and then list them for the going rate if they’re higher.  Otherwise, I tend to sell only my apparel and familiars in the AH – FOR GEMS primarily.  I had 10k gems before Facet and Crystal came out! 😀   The other reason for hoarding is when a special item goes through Swipp… I was able to get a bunch of the lovely snakes and cats that came through in the last few months while the prices were high.  I gave some away to friends, sold others for massive treasure.

#8 Festivals.  I grind and I buy the items that will not be released later.  I pass on the bracelets, because they are repeat every year and concentrate on familiars and apparel.  Because of the stupid Night of the Nocturne event, I will be concentrating my future festival buys on apparel and ignoring the familiars.  I found it very annoying that the festival bears dropped in GREAT NUMBERS from random chests, crashing the market for those bears. :/  Normally, I hold onto these items until a few months prior to the festival coming around again.  This is a LONG game, and a very profitable one.  I get over 1k gems on those familiars at the right time.

#9  Back to the dragons.  DO NOT SELL YOUR DRAGONS FOR UNDER 50K.  I repeat that.  DO NOT SELL YOUR DRAGONS FOR UNDER 50K.  Put it in your bio that you will not do this.  Why?  Because there’s no need to sell any dragon under that.  Just exalt it.  You may say:  But I could sell it for an immediate 5k or 10k or some other lower number.  Yes, and you could also sell it for 50k if you do not give anyone the option for it at 10k and just say you’re going to exalt it.

How did I come around to this?  I was looking for a dragon with a specific coloring and because I wanted a common breed, they were being mass exalted as worthless, yet… I wanted one.  I realized, all those cheap dragons, they’re never really available.  If someone tells you, pfft, I’m not paying you 50k for a dragon I can pay 10k for, shrug it off, because it’ll take them awhile to find that cheap dragon and they might all be exalted anyway. 😀  Lots of people will pay you the 50k!  It’s a fair price and you are setting it as YOUR floor.  Eventually, someone looking for that dragon will pop up and grab it… and I’ve sold some very ugly dragons for 100k that I randomly bred just to spin the wheel on a pair of dragons.  Otherwise, just level and exalt.

Yes, I get people coming to be asking if they can pay a more reasonable price or what not and I just say, that’s the price.  I’m not lowering it.  (However, I do lower it when people ask nicely without 1.) complaining about how poor they are or 2) calling me unreasonable. :D)  They have that perfect dragon available for their needs/wants or I just EXALT it.

#10 – I hold dragons for people if they want me to and make it clear I will do it.  I don’t mind holding them, because the price won’t lower. 😉  I also do not take gems for dragons.  It’s very simple why.  The exchange rate for gems is ridiculous.  I can find items in the AH that are going for an equivalent of 200 t to 1 gem and then I can find items that go for 1,000t to 1 gem! 😀  The rate is not exact, so I do not accept payment in gems unless it’s at MY rate, which I sit at around 250t to 1 gem.

That’s about it.  I just check in, grind for a short amount of time, let my dragons sit around on the AH (I have a Onenote page I copy my sales to weekly and then track them from there, recording the prices.).   Oh yeah, one more thing, watch the registration windows.  Sales go up after a couple of days on everything.  THAT’S when I do mass listings of apparel.

Oh, I also maxed out my turns so all I do now is dig. 😀  All my food comes from the coliseum. 😀  I don’t buy food anymore, because it got really expensive and there’s so much of it, it’s a pain to list, so I just sit on it and use it for turnins and feeding the dragons. 😀

– Tiff  (I know there are a few typos,… for some reason, I can’t see them in the edit screen.  I’ll fix them later.)