So, yes, this is my worktable.  It sits behind my computer desk so I can easily turn my chair around to work.  You might notice something is missing.

Yup, the table is missing, because my husband took it to the kitchen to extend the identical table there for playing board games. 😀  Yesterday, I realized: I really need my work table, however, we need to either replace the dining room table with a drop leaf table or I finally need to build my real work table that I’ve been wanting forever.  Drop leaf tables are expensive! We can’t keep moving the table back and forth either.  It’s a bit heavy.

However, for my table, all I need is one Ikea 2 x 2 Kallax  $38 after tax. *I have one and they don’t need to match*, and a board to place over them (from Lowes or Home Depot, about $30).  It’s not much, but I’m likely to wait until the Kallax goes on sale again, which is random.  This will be the start of my new deluxe storage/worktable. 😀  I intend on stacking two MORE 2 x 2 Kallax on top of the base ones with the table top sandwiched in between them, then put more boards on top for storage.  THEN  I want to place a 4 x 4 Kallax on the opposite side of the table to divide my work area (and provide more storage).  I want to work in a nice enclosed place. 😀  Right now, I have that pile there on top of the wire storage cubes that were under the table.

That’s my one Christmas need/want.  I just don’t have much I want.  I have a lot of things I need. 😀  My PayPal link is here.  I only need $75.  I’m not exactly sure how much the tabletop pieces will cost until I go to Lowes.  Website isn’t much hellp.  Anything extra will go to the rest of the Kallax shelves I want. 😀 – Tiff