flutterclawThe current Indiegogo has been updated to include my first Cosplay Shivae in FOREVER!

These charms have been ordered and there are a dozen of each design.  If the Indiegogo meets its goal, I’ll order more, so grab one now!  They can be used as keychains, cellphone charms(with an adapter), dangle tags, necklaces, etc

First, we have the caring and shy Flutterclaw.

I’ve had these in mind for awhile, even building a background for them.  Shivae are omnivores, they eat anything.  That’s a bit of a problem for Flutterclaw, who can’t bring herself to eat any animals.  (She eats fish mostly).


applewoodThen we have Applewood.  Her entire family specializes in farming and ranching to make mouth watering barbecue!

I d have plans for others. 😀  – Tiff