Today is Riven.  You may not remember Riven, but he was the tortured young fox that was rescued in the Darius storyline and taken in by Syrys, because he is related to his long lost love, Danie.  Now, where Riven came from and all that hasn’t been divulged yet, but he’s a very special gold fox, just like Filaire – only even MORE special.

Riven is an overly cautious Fox who has not had the best of lives.  His rapid healing factor is faster than normal fox and he’s been tortured because of it in very painful ways.  He was severely burned and then not allowed to use his healing ability (He was made to stay in one place for a long period of time to make the burns stay in place, however, there are ways around it that the wolves know, to help him recover.

Riven is very much a rule follower and doesn’t like doing things until he’s certain he can do them well.  He’s intelligent, but his education has been limited.  He’s quiet and tries to avoid trouble at all costs.

  • Tiff