When we got Vash (our Pembroke Welsh Corgi) in 2005, this is my second memory of him.  Taking him outside to go potty and realizing that even in the freshly mowed grass, he was so tiny and short that we couldn’t see him squat to go potty. 😀  He was also so short, I don’t think he needed to squat. 😀

This is a test comic to see how I can work with hand-inked comics again.  I’m not going to make these pages look alike, instead, I’m going to experiment.   This one was done on 8.5 x 11 cardstock with dip G pens.  Next one I may use a brush on.  Next one, I may watercolor it. 😉

I’m moving very slowly right now trying to deal with my laptop going in for repairs TWICE, my backup laptop glitching, my backup backup laptop being glitchy as well. 😀  Trying to get things out!

  • Tiff