I FORGOT the reason I wasn’t working on this is because my install is kinda broken and I haven’t fixed it… until tonight.. it’s now partially fixed. 😀  Going to push some levers back here and see what happens.

 These are the pencils I did today of our pets. These are very rough and I’m going to prep them after I post. Eventually, I do want to offer commissioned pet comics and art. Right now, I’m testing out a book I published a couple of years ago. This page was paneled and penciled in that book and it scanned in perfectly on my flatbed scanner. This is a test book which I intend to update after I fill it up and see which one of the separate layouts works best. I designed it so it could be easily scanned, however, since a full color version would be very expensive, it’s not suitable for inking or finishing comics. It’s also not the right size, but with pencils, you just scan them in at a higher dpi and resize them to fit.

Shivae Press Pencils Book

Edit: FIXED the problem! HURRAY!!!