Thought I’d share. This is just a very rough 15 minute pencil and inked strip done on my Samsung Note 8.0 this morning while I was at a doctor visit to show off what it can do. (I had uploaded files into dropbox to do actual comic inking, but ran into a problem.) I still need to fiddle with some settings. I exported a roughly, 13 x 4 inch .tiff strip at 300 DPI to dropbox, then imported it into Sketchbook Pro, which changed the size to 40 x 17 at 100 DPI. Penciled on the base layer by accident.. oops.. still getting used to it, then inked on separate layers. (I had put other files into the dropbox to do actual comics in, forgetting that you need to OPEN/download the files manually to actually use them if you don’t have access to wifi.) I exported it as a .psd as it was and did not do anything else to it other than letter it in photoshop, put word bubbles on it in Manga Studio, then resized it. Perfectly printable. Obviously didn’t finish the art, I have other comics to do! I also didn’t use the ruler tools… simply because I didn’t want to fiddle with the settings at this time. But yeah.. you CAN draw an entire comic on a Note. I have the files sitting in dropbox… 😀

(Yeah, it was ME who failed… not technology.)

– Tiff