Several days ago, I accidently drank half of a soda belonging to my husband, which was full of sugar.  Since I only drink diet drinks anyway and am diabetic, it wiped me out for several hours and I fell asleep.

I woke up when Vash, my corgi, jumped up on the bed followed by Kim.  It’s not good to wake up a little groggy and see the dog with obvious notches out of his side.  Kim got into big trouble, but fortunately did not hurt him while giving him a haircut.  I have no idea WHY he let her do it.  She’s been pestering him a lot lately and he keeps putting her in his place in the usual corgi way, mouthing her and nipping a little.  I wish he’d done SOMETHING, since now my dog looks like he has a skin condition and he seemed embarrassed. 😛

Well… if she had a sibling, I guess she’d have done the same.  This is actually the second time she’s cut Vash’s fur.  The first time she did it … she was two.  And I caught her before she could do anything more than cut a notch of fur off the top of his head. 😛  (She also cut her hair… again. )