Backdating these since I wasn’t able to get them done until today.  I was HOPING, big time HOPING that I was getting a dog of my own a couple of days ago that was being rehomed. 🙁  At the moment, the person rehoming him is kind of dragging their feet on actually doing it. 🙁  I still have a chance, but the longer it goes, the less I have to get a perfect-for-me-and-my-household-dog.

I decided to do WINGUST this year, because I really need a warmup activity in the morning and my favorite thing is inking.  These pieces are intended for coloring books and journals in the future and a few will be colored.   I created Wingust myself, because I couldn’t find a prompt I wanted to do and there wasn’t a new Smaugust list.  So decided I wanted to draw things with wings. 😀  – Tiff