The Worst Princess – Chapter 10

I ran this one through Grammarly and am just doing it manually. :/ I can’t rely on the sync to work and it’s frustrating and holding me back from posting. Worst case scenario is someday it works and I have duplicate posts.

Note: This story would be a PG-13/YA story content-wise. It has some silly teenage antics and comments. 😀 It is only edited for spelling and grammar, which you’ll  notice I’m getting MUCH better at. It won’t be fully edited for a while, but it shouldn’t be too much different from what is here other than simply, better. I don’t intend to edit it until a year has passed. My italics don’t carry over and I just don’t add them until I’m doing my final run-through. :/

  • Tiff

Anne fretted, running her fingers over her mask. Antoine had retreated to the shower to get rid of the pond smell. Camille sat with her, an arm around hers.
“If Alexis says Kaiden is fine, I’m sure he is.”
“But I don’t know he’s okay,” said Anne, running the back of her hand over her eyes and sniffling. “I just wanted to see his face.”
Camille giggled, poking her in the side. “From where I was, you saw more than his face.” Continue reading “The Worst Princess – Chapter 10”