You can donate directly by using any of the paypal buttons or logging into and sending to my email address.  (If it’s a straight up gift, please note it.)

I do have a wish list. and right now we just need gas and grocery cards, no toys or fun stuff. 

I like gift cards to grocery stores! Since that tends to be what donations go for and I’ve learned there are perks for using those gift cards, such as discounts on gas and groceries! The cards I need: Albertsons, Tom Thumb and Kroger are my three stores, but I less frequently go to Target and Walmart. You can get gift cards for LESS than what is on them from here!! And if you really want to send me AMC or Cinemark cards or restaurant cards I won’t fuss. 😉 It’s nice to not have to cook on occasion.

Mailing Address :  If you want to send me something, please let me know and I will give you the correct mailing address.  I don’t want to post it online.