Happy NEW YEAR!! Hopefully 2012 is much better than 2011 – because 2011 was not any fun for me. 🙁

This is the FIRST page of the first of my Shivae Drop-a-thon projects. It’s been completely inked and lettered and is just awaiting toning. I’m giving myself a little buffer space to get to finishing the second one, which is still in the pencilling/inking stages. Beginning this over Thanksgiving was not as good of a plan as it started out being – family got in the way, then we had more holidays.

A little about this story: Homecoming is set in The Cyantian Chronicles universe and features Darrik, one of my black foxes, whom you’ll recognize from Darius, Akaelae and Campus Safari. The time of this particular comic is far after the events of Darius/Akaelae and before Campus Safari. This little group is coming in for a visit of several months to bring in a couple of teachers and technicians to do some work in the black fox colony that exists here.

Bidders purchased slots for their characters and I wrote the story based on what they gave me.


Jasmine Sumisu – White Fox whom belongs to Jazzfox. You will recognize her from Akaelae as the very bitter little reclusive albino fox that Darrik ran into early on. They do have a special relationship.
Tvorsk – He’s Tvorsk, a cross fox, which doesn’t really come across clearly in black and white, but he’s a phase of a red fox with a lot of beautiful color variation which I’ve shown off in prior commissions. Tvorsk is technician/guard.
Bear – He’s Bear, a fennec who’ve I’ve also done other pieces of in color. He’s also a technician and here, a pilot.
Nevix – Nevix was included at my decision that he’d be a good addition. Nevix belongs to Herman Cillo and is a somewhat unlucky technomage skunk.
Shyssa Wynd is a jilaic creation of Dione. She’s a student on an exploratory mission to learn about the Fox on Earth. She’s paranoid… and she doesn’t like Fox.
Rose Talaitha is another creation of Dione, a genoworks opossum with a mystical side. She has a rather small part here because her full part is actually in the second Drop-a-thon story.